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If you are looking for offshore and onshore business entities, you are NOW in the right place! We can set-up companies in every jurisdiction, where we bring more added value for all investors, businesses, businessmen, business women, everywhere in the world. Please check and get started today.

Whether you are doing business in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas or elsewhere, our OffshoreBizServices will incorporate the best trading, holding or other necessary corporate structure for your business in accordance with all local laws and regulations.

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Ready-made/seasoned Trust Companies; Investment Funds; Onshore & Offshore Banks; ParaBanks; Electronic Money Institutions; Payment Services Providers; Cryptocurrency Exchanges and other licensed entities; Asset Management Companies; many others...

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Do you want to set up an Offshore Company, or an Onshore one? Also, perhaps you are currently looking forward to become a foreign exchange trader; to set-up an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) and/or a Payment Services Provider (PSP) in a convenient jurisdiction for your future operation; to be a banker, by forming a brick-and-mortar Bank or a Neo Bank; or, perhaps to become a fiduciary, by forming your own asset management & trustee company. There are many jurisdictions ready to welcome you as an entrepreneur of this kind. We are here to assist you!

Perhaps, the diplomatic life is enticing you, since you eagerly want to become an honorary diplomat, career consul, foreign government appointee, a diplomatic envoy, an Ambassador-at-Large, or simply you want a diplomatic passport for your travels. Our OffshoreBizServices is here to help you!

Perhaps your yacht needs a commercial or a recreational registration. We know this business very well, because we have been the Deputy Registrars for the Commonwealth of Dominica Flag in Greece (2003-2014), the Deputy Registrars for the Palau Flag in Germany (2013-2017), and the Official Representatives of the Antigua & Barbuda Flag in Greece & Cyprus (2017-2019). We are here to help you! We have been here since 1985, and we are still up and running, with new services offered! Our first website, global-money.com went live on 01.09.1996. And many others followed thereafter, covering every side of the offshore industry. So, we know this business very well, and we are here to help!